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I’m proud to be a founder member of the just launched APHP. APHP logo Association of Professioanl Headshot Photographers

What is the APHP?

The Association is a non-profit group created in 2016 by the UK’s leading headshot photographers. Founded on principles of education, expertise and excellence, it establishes and celebrates recognised standards of professionalism, offers a path to qualification for photographers, advocates for members within the entertainment industry and promotes the highest standards in casting portraiture, to benefit actors, drama schools, agents & industry bodies.

For Actors & Agents
In an increasingly crowded headshot market, the APHP is a neutral name you can trust. It/we:
Promotes & celebrates the highest standards of casting portraiture.
Requires exemplary professional practice from members
Offers expert, impartial insights and resources to help you and your clients make the right headshotchoices.
Provides the ‘APHP-Assured’ hallmark of quality and reliability.
Lobbies industry bodies like Spotlight to ensure headshots promote you/your clients to best effect.
You might find useful:
“Why use/recommend an APHP photographer?”
Drama Schools & Industry bodies:
Education is at the heart of the APHP: by sharing ourmembers’ unrivalled headshot knowledge through neutral workshops, talks and resources, we aim to educate and inform actors and acting students, so they make the right headshot choices now, and throughout their careers.
Our ‘APHP-Assured’ hallmark of quality and reliability also means you can recommend APHP memberswith confidence.
Our collective expertise as professional image-makers, perfectly places the APHP advise and comment on the way still images are used by your institution, be it a drama school or a casting software provider.


Being a member of the APHP not only recognises the exemplary quality of your work, but stands as a neutral testament to your expertise, a halmark of quality that actors, agents, drama schools and casting professionals can rely upon. The APHP was created to bring together headshot photographers within the entertainment industry, promoting a recognised standard of professional practice, enhancing the stature of the profession, providing a free exchange of information and ideas, and honouring the achievements of members.
For emerging photographers: we offer a rigorous path to qualification, an opportunity for supported professional development.
For established photographers: in a freelance industry we offer membership of a community of the industry’s leading photographers, one where knowledge, experience and expertise are shared, to the benefit of all. And through promoting the ‘APHP-Assured’ hallmark of quality, we dignify our work, champion and celebrate high standards in a crowded marketplace, while creating a stronger voice to advocate for our concerns within the industry.