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Sir Ranulph Fiennes Portrait

This a picture I took a while back of Ranulph Fiennes, “The World’s Greatest Explorer”, no less. They say don’t meet your heroes but in this case he was exactly as he should be: a gentleman, business-like and true to his word.

I drove down to his farm in the middle of Exmoor to take the picture. I set myself up in his office which had these big bay windows looking out over the moor. I always do some reading up on people before I take their portraits and I knew he trained for his various expeditions on the moor, including dragging a tractor tyre over the moors in preparation for his polar expeditions! By him facing the window and looking out over the moors I wanted some of that would be captured in the picture. I really wanted to close in on his eyes as these were the things that had seen so much: the top of Everest, The Poles, various deserts etc etc.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Portrait by Pete Bartlett

One thing I love about portraits is that I leave a trace of me in them. I’ll explain what I mean. Every time I take a picture with someone facing a window I’m there, reflected in their eyes, slightly stooped , at my tripod.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Portrait by Pete Bartlett