I hate having my picture taken! Can you help with that?

First off, you’re not alone. Most people (and yep, that includes actors!) don't like having their picture taken either!

Secondly, I’ll send you out some homework to get you prepared so that you don’t go blank when you get in front of the camera.

And thirdly, I’ll direct you throughout the shoot. I'll give you things to think about and emotions to draw on when you need them.

If you’re a newbie then you’re in safe hands. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!

How can I book and do you take a deposit?

You can book through the booking system attached to my website. It’s here

I ask for a £50 deposit which guarantees you the spot. It’s fully refundable if you cancel at least 72 hours before the shoot. The balance is payable by bank transfer on the day of the shoot.

Where's your studio?

Room 304 Kindred Studios, 18 Saltram Crescent

Queens Park, London W9 3HW

Google Map link HERE.

It’s a 10 minute walk from Queen’s Park tube station. It’s in a huge Victorian school building. You can’t miss it!

If you arrive at the building early the receptionist will sign you in and you can wait in the café or at reception.

Please don’t come up to the studio until the time of your session as I could be shooting someone else and I don’t have a separate waiting area.

Can I park at the studio?

There’s paid parking on the street outside the studio building. It’s quite reasonable. Best to pay for 2.5 hours to be safe.

What about hair and make-up?

The rule of thumb for headshots is that you want to look as you would turning up for an audition. So, whilst hair is important to get right, we don’t want to over-stress about it’s importance. Similarly with make-up, keep it fairly natural. A casting director wants to see you, not you hidden behind a wall of make-up. Bear in mind also that the final shots will be retouched. This means that your skin will look fabulous regardless so go easy on the make-up.

What clothes should I bring?

Plain tops work best. Black is a winnrer and works with all skin tones. Dark greys work well too. I’m not a fan of white in headshots as it draws the eye and takes attention off the face. It also washes out lighter skin tones.

Essential if have blue or green eyes to bring a top that matches your eye colour. You’ll be amazed how much just a hint of these colours will help your eyes to 'pop'!

V-necks are good too as they bring the viewers’ eyes to your face. However, go with whatever neckline you feel confident in – some people are t-shirt wearers, some aren’t. Shirts with collars can be useful but too much of a collar can tell too much of a story.

Nicely fitted, simple tops are best. Logos and busy patterns aren’t.

Jackets and coats can be nice. Again, they can tell a bit of a story but can add some mood and drama when needed.

If in doubt, bring it and we can edit down before we start. As a general guide I ask people to bring 4 to 5 tops.

Bring what you feel your most confident in. We want you to feel good!

Can I shave during the shoot?

Sure thing. I'd probably avoid a wet shave as it can leave red marks but take it down low, no problem.

 How long is the shoot?

I allow 2 hours. Experience has shown me that this is an ideal length and allows for a relaxed but focused session. If we need to go over then we’ll go over but 2 hours is usually perfect.

Do I keep all the images?

No. You get all the images held an online gallery for the next 2 years. The only images you keep are the retouched ones you order. It’s standard practice and means that only images that show our best work are out there in the public arena.

You get 3 final images retouched and any more can be ordered for an additional £18 per image.

When will I receive the images?

The images are uploaded to an online gallery that you are sent a link too within 24 hours.

Please allow 3 working days for retouched images to be processed.

Do you make a decent cup of tea?

I like to think so but you can be the judge of that!

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